Saturday, September 27, 2008


Ok, so last night me, my mom, my stepdad, derek, emmalyn, and megan, were the only ones home so we decided to watch the grudge. its was creepy because (we were going to start it at 9) before we turned it on my stepdad, deval, kept on saying that our lives were going to change that night....creepy, huh? so at 9 oclock we all bundled on the parents bed upstairs in the surround sound to watch the grudge. you should of seen how all of us kids were piled on top of each the movie was very scary, but was still very fun to watch =D just make sure that if you ever watch it, you dont with a guy who sneaks up on the side of the bed to scare you. =D colette

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Hey all you bloggers, im so sorry i havent blogged in 4EVeR!! Ive just been so busy with school starting and everything...I just started seventh grade and so ive had a lot of stuff to do. This year I am taking;(this is my A day, first hour to last) dance, english, history, pre-algebra (now my B day, first hour to last) drama, latin, choir, and science. so once again, i am VERY SOORRRRYYYYY!!!!!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

My Dear Darling Sister, Now 14

This is emma before she got her Highlights (it was a b-day present)

Yes, i cant believe it, but Emmalyn turned 14 on Saturday, June 28, 2008. She now considers herself a "True Teenager" because she can attend dances. In fact, her first one is coming up on Wednesday...Emmalyn will also be going into 9th grade, so she will be in High School. Can you believe that?? Im only going into 7th grade this year, but i am almost 13. Hurray! Well, my dear darling sister seems to be grwoing taller every day, so im going to have to ask her what im doing wrong. :) Love you, emma! Have a happy birthday!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Swimming Fun

Hey guys!! sorry I haven't gotten on in a while. Ive been SO busy!! Anyway, during the summer me and my family do a LOT of swimming. usually we swim in our pool at home, but someimes we go to Carson Junior high to go swimming. Here are some cute and funny pics of my family swimming :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pool Party Sadness

So on thursday was our last day of school and all the 6th graders got to have a pool party at Brimhall. It was really awesome and everything, but when it started nearing 1:00 ( the time we had to leave) we all started crying. It was so sad!! everyone was just, like, huddled in a big circle and we were bawling, hugging, and trying to say goodbye all at the same time. even the boys teared up a little bit. And the worst part was that it was raining the whole time, just to make the mood sadder. It makes me sad just to think that i might never see all friends ever again. k, well, id better go before i start crying again.So this is for all my friends that i wont see again, so i could say this in person- I love you guys!!! Thanks so much for everything, my elementary life wouldnt be the same without you. Miss you~ Colette

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Out with the Old, In with the New

HURRAY!!! i cant belive that there only two more days of school left!! im kind of freaking out about really excited to leave elementary school, but im also bummed that i will be leaving a lot a my close of friends. but, at least i have some friends that are comeing with me to junior high, and i will also be able to make some new friends.... so thats where i am right now. and im sorry i havent put some pictures on lately, but i promice i will when i get them really soon. love ya lots!!! ps. please post a comment!!!!! ( if you dont have a blogger or google acount just click the "anonomys" so you can still post a comment) Colette

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Books Books Books!!!

Hey. K, so my mom is going teach a workshop (for teen girls) at a paper craft store where you would do a craft/project about a book. To decide what books she should do, my mom asked me and my sister to ask around to find out what are the reaolly popular books right now.First there were the obvious ones like; Twylight, (my favorite book EVER!!!)New Moon, Eclipse, the Maximum Ride Series, Eragon & Eldest, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and a few others. But now we need other peoples opinions to find out dome more. The class is going to be held during the summer so we're going to need quite a few choices of books. It can be a series or whatever, We just need it to be well-known. so if you have any ideas about what books she should do please post a comment!!!!!